Full Stack

Web Development

  • Adobe CC
  • Full Stack Development
  • UX/UI Web & Mobile Design


  • Adobe Creative Cloud [CC]
  • Scalable Vector Design [SVG]
  • Search Engine Optmization [SEO]
  • Word Press / Frontend Development [CRP]
  • Email Automations / API Integrations / Data Security
Computer Science


  • LAMP Development Experience
  • Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering @ UNLV
  • Write Scalable, Secure, Maintainable, High Quality Code
  • Git, Programming Best Practice, Agile Software Development
  • Database Integrations / Landing Pages / Email Automations / DevOps

The Web Developer

I'm a full time Full Stack Web Developer. I hold a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I am a fast-learner with experience developing on a LAMP Stack.

I enjoy creating stunning websites that are fully responsive with clean, high-quality, secure, and scalable code. I have pride in writing my own frame and beautifully written procedural and OOP code, but today I focus on utilizing the full scope of frameworks like Bootstrap, Laravel, and a vast variety of open source JavaScript libraries. I'm used to developing in an Agile environment while working with other developers to design and develop web applications for multiple projects.

My background is in developing fast, responsive, and robust web applications for operations and marketing including systems for lead generation, communication channels, landing pages, login systems, database integration, data security, and email automation to name a few. When not coding, I enjoy cooking and spending time with my wife and baby boy.


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